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Angel Orchestra

A popular decoration in Germany, Angel Orchestras embody the rejoicing that comes with the birth of the Christkind. Sitting upon “cloud” display stands, the host of joyful angels play their heavenly music. Many enjoy collecting these precious figures from selections of over 30 figurines. I have chosen two workshops with distinctive designs: Wendt & Kühn who are well known and respected for their baroque potto angels, and the Blank Workshop whose pleated-skirted angels are crafted with painstaking care.

The centerpiece of a Blank Workshop is a golden star, representative of the Star of Bethlehem, hanging from an arch on the display stand. Each of the Blank Angels also wears crowns with gold stars. Exquisitely designed, the angels and display stands come in a variety of styles.

Wendt & Kühn uses a figure of the Madonna and child as their centerpiece. Their childlike angels stand upon a large decorated “cloud” display stand painted in celestial blues with yellow stars.